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Sons of the South

Price: $12.50
Item Number: AUW002
Manufacturer: Architects of War (AUW)
The Sons of the South
A pack of Southern heroes from our American Uncivil War Range. 6  28mm metal models compatible with other popular brands.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         The Brave Captain Daring lost his arm at First Manassas and even though his coat has been pinned back on the left side, he is still fighting for the South as a Militia captain. His one good eye misses nothing- Yankees on the horizon or shirkers in his unit.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Colonel Buford Saunders, a successful lawyer, planter, and lumber baron, is as loyal to the Cause as he is to God. He walks with a cane and has his Bible firmly clutched to his chest as he leads the militia forward.  None of the lads would dare to say no to this man.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Sherriff Archibald Pusser is a bit to large to serve in a regular regiment, but with his trusty shotgun, he patrols the countryside for deserters and stragglers. More often found scrounging pies from the local ladies, he was a bit of the village dolt before the war. He likes to sport two navy revolvers to show he means business. Many of the locals say they arent loaded.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         The Swede At 66 and near 300 pounds of muscle, the Swede is too big to wear a regular uniform coat. The Swede is most often seen in an undershirt with suspenders. This huge muscular man doesnt speak much English.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Johnny Boy - Little Timmy Johnsons mother wouldnt let him go off to war at the age of 15, but he serves as a runner for the local militia regiment. No Uniform, but he wears his uncles red artillery forage cap and carries an old fowling piece left to him by his grandpa.

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