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2015 Show Schedule

COLD WARS  March 5th - 8th
The End of the American Civil War
Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center
2300 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA

LITTLE WARS   April 24th - 26th
DuPage Expo Center
St Charles, IL
Represented by Old Glory and Games Plus

SALUTE   April 25th
London, UK
Represented by 1st Corps and Wayland Games

HISTORICON  July 16th - 19th
Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center
2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA

We are very excited to announce our FIRST OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN EVENT for All Quiet on the Martian Front.  It will be held during Historicon in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  This will be an official campaign and the result will be a change in the historical cannon going forward!


The Campaign will run two sessions on Friday and two sessions on Saturday. The outcome will be obvious and official on Saturday at 5:30pm!


"Memphis, Tennessee has fallen to the Martians! Now they are breaking out, attacking through Tennessee and Mississippi. Can you stop them? As a Martian POD leader can you crush all human resistance?  The future of the All Quiet on the Martian Front universe hangs in the balance in this multiplayer multigame Official Campaign. You will determine the path of the war!"


12 Players. 4 Time slots. Tournament style campaign. Play in one or up to all four. Results will be tracked on the big board map and by the end of the day Saturday we will all know if the Martians have been pushed back or finally started their big push on the Eastern US.


Bring your own 1,500pt Martian, US, or BEF army (painted please!) or we can provide you with one.


Prizes awarded for best painted armies and good sportsmanship.


Sign up early! Preliminary Event Identifiers are: F-493, F-496, S-494, S-495.


You can sign up for the Campaign by clicking HERE



FALL IN  November 5th - 8th
Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center
2300 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA