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News as of January 13, 2012
Just received a small restock of Perry metals as well as their new codes and should have the new items in the webstore by January 17th.
News as of January 12, 2012
Just received an update on SAGA rulebooks and dice...I should have a restock of the dice next week but will have to wait for the 2nd printing of the rulebook until the end of January :(
News as of January 2, 2012
We will be attending Cold Wars 2012 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania which runs from March 8th to March 11th.  We will be bringing EVERYTHING we carry to the show.  Pre-orders are always welcomed!
News as of December 21, 2011
We just updated the inventories in the webstore after receiving restock orders from Gripping Beast, LBMS and Warlord.  Many of the SAGA items, LBMS Dark Age shield transfers, as well as Warlord blisters and box sets are now available for purchase.
News as of December 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!  To share the merriment we feel at this time of year with our customers, Architects of War is having a Twelve (12) Day Sale! 


Starting on Monday, December 12th through Friday, December 23rd, we will be offer the following…


·         Architects of War Terrain kits and figure packs will be 20% off MSRP

·         Immortal Miniatures plastic box sets will be 30% off MSRP


All sales limited to stock on hand. Special orders excluded. Orders can be submitted via the webstore, email (customerservice@architectsofwar.com) or the phone (240-755-0029).  Our normal shipping rates apply…within the continental US, $6 flat rate shipping for orders totaling less than $100 and $12 flat rate shipping for orders of $100 or more. Orders shipping anywhere else in the world will be charged actual shipping rates.


Architects of War proudly carries Gripping Beast, Perry Miniatures (both plastic and metal), Renedra Plastic Accessories, Conquest Games plastics, LBMS transfers, Warlord Games products, Hobby supplies, and, of course, our own beautifully detailed 28mm terrain kits and figures.


Architects of War is the Official North American Distributor for Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast Miniatures , and Renedra Plastics. Trade Inquiries always welcome.


Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog (accessed thru our website)!

News as of December 7, 2011
Just added quite a few newer blisters from Warlord in the following categories...Napoleonic Russians, BA Waffen SS, BA Soviets, Romans as well as some one offs!
News as of December 1, 2011
The Perry Hussars and Warlord Games Hail Caesar Army Lists are available for purchase in our webstore!
News as of November 11, 2011
We are happy to report our Fall In unpacking is done and we have loaded lots of new stuff onto the website including our new Pacific/Jungle range, Perry British Hussars for preorder Hail Caeser Army Lists, and more.
News as of November 3, 2011
Wow what a GREAT Fall-in! Thanks to all of you that braved the weather and gave us our best Fall In yet sales wise. We are looking forward to Cold Wars now.
News as of October 19, 2011
We will start packing up our inventory on Monday, October 24th, to attend Fall In!  As a result, any orders received after 6am EST on Monday will not be processed and shipped until Thursday, November 3rd.  Thanks for your understanding!
News as of October 16, 2011
The new Pacific and Jungle terrain kit samples are painted and complete.  If only the sun would return for more than 15 minutes, we would post pictures on our blog.  All of the new releases for the 4th quarter will be debuting at Fall In! (the last weekend in October).  More information to come!
News as of October 12, 2011
The SAGA rulebooks and fatigue markers are back in stock! Warlord's Black Powder supplement, Last Argument of Kings is also now available.  We also received Warlord's newest Napoleonic plastic box set, Russian Line Infantry 1809-1815.
News as of October 7, 2011
I just received a restock of LBMS shield transfers and banners!  I should have the 4 SAGA Banner/Shield Transfer sheets in by the end of the weekend.
News as of September 26, 2011
The rest of the SAGA items have arrived except for the fatigue markers and the LBMS transfers.  We have already sold out of the Viking and Norman dice sets but still have a few of the Welsh and Anglo-Danish.  Get them while you can!
News as of September 24, 2011
Received the latest restock from Warlord and the inventories have been updated.  Brand new products will be added on Wednesday including the Bolt Action Imperial Japanese Army box set and the plastic Napoleonic Russian Line Infantry!
News as of September 14, 2011
I just updated the inventory for the Warlord Games Roman Starter Army!  There were some found in Warlord's warehouse (the original box set) and we were lucky to receive a few.  Get one before they are gone...the new Roman starter army will not be available until about November!
News as of September 10, 2011
Restock of Gripping Beast ranges is here!  If you placed a special order, I will be contacting you shortly once everything is sorted and processed!
News as of September 9, 2011
Just received a restock of the Perry metals and have adjusted all of the inventories in our webstore.  Any pre-orders taken for Perry metals will be contacted in the next couple of days.  Happy shopping!
News as of September 6, 2011
The much anticipated SAGA rulebook, miniatures and accessories from Gripping Beast are now available for pre-order Here in our webstore!  Check out a review of the SAGA rules at Mike Hobbs' blog Here!
News as of August 23, 2011
Check out our blog for pictures of some modifications customers made to our Middle Eastern buildings!  Llink to blog is at the top right of the navigation bar.
News as of August 20, 2011
The Last Argument of Kings, the first Black Powder rulebook supplement from Warlord Games, has arrived and is ready for purchasing Here!
News as of July 21, 2011
Although the Madhists didn't make it to Historicon, they have arrived.  Check them out Here!
News as of July 14, 2011
We are now carrying Woodbine Design WWI and Specials from Gripping Beast.  Check out our webstore for all the wonderful products from GB Here!
News as of July 13, 2011
Thanks to all of you who came to Historicon and made it our best show to date!  Hope to continue to see your names on web orders :)
News as of July 6, 2011
We are extremely busy preparing for Historicon but are looking forward to seeing old friends/customers and meeting new ones.  See you there!
News as of July 4, 2011
Happy 4th of July to all our fellow Americans!
News as of June 10, 2011
We have added "Getting Started" Bundle Deals to our webstore under Terrain and Miniatures to assist Hobbyists that are just starting a new period!  Take a look and save some money Here for the terrain and Here for the miniatures!
News as of June 6, 2011
The first 2 buildings for our newest range, Dark Age, are available for sale.  Check them out Here!
News as of May 15, 2011
Renedra's new Cemetary Set is a beaut!  Check out our blog post (link is on the right side of the navigation bar above) to see how we used it.
News as of April 28, 2011
Two new products have arrived...Perry General Store Kit and Renedra Pontoon Bridge Kit!
News as of April 25, 2011
The long awaited Hail Caesar Rulebook is for sale in our webstore.  It is quite a masterpiece...see it Here!
News as of April 21, 2011
The Perry Plastic Prussians have Arrived!  Check them out Here!
News as of March 28, 2011
Check out our blog (link on the navigation bar above) to see pictures of items from our newest range, Middle Eastern!  They are beautiful if I do say so myself.
News as of March 23, 2011
Architects of War is very excited to announce that we will start selling Perry Miniatures metals within the next month.  Stay tuned! 
News as of March 4, 2011
We will be attending Cold Wars next week!  As a result, any orders received after 5pm EST on Tuesday, March 8th will be shipped on Tuesday, March 15th.  Sorry for the inconvenience but we have not figured out how to clone ourselves and our merchandise yet :)  Hope to see some of you at the show!!
News as of March 1, 2011
We have completed the price rises which included Perry Plastics and some of the Warlord items whose prices had increased a couple months ago.  We have also started our new shipping policy within the continental US...
Orders of less than $100...flat rate of $6
Orders of $100 or more...flat rate of $12
All orders outside of the continental US will continue to pay actual shipping cost thru the postal service.
News as of February 28, 2011
We just picked up the resin casting for the first five items in our new Middle Eastern range...they are beautiful and incredibly detailed!  We can't wait to show them off at Cold Wars :)
News as of February 15, 2011
We have been so busy with orders, trade and new masters that we were unable to execute our price rise and change to flat rate shipping on 2/15.  As a result, we will be increasing prices only where we need to beginning today thru 2/28.  The change to flat rate shipping will begin on March 1st!  Keep checking the News for additional information about the new shipping policy!
News as of February 13, 2011
We are very pleased to announce that beginning in mid March, Architects of War Products will be available in Australia thru Elite Miniatures.  Elite is in the process of upgrading their website but you can check out their blog Here.  We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them.
News as of February 1, 2011
Wow, January was a busy month here at the Architects of War World Head Quarters Complex.

First things first, THANK YOU for your continued support!

Some bad news first- We are moving to a Flat Rate shipping plan by Feb 15th. This means you have until then to take advantage of our Free Shipping  (Domestic US orders) on Orders over $50. Additionally ALL of our suppliers, both of material and other Miniature manufacturers have all raised or are raising their prices. That means we will be taking our prices up around the 15th of February on lots of items we carry. Another reason to order now!

Now GOOD news!
We are very happy to announce that we have added Renedra to our growing Exclusive Distribution brands for North America.  We will be stocking all of their products and selling them to retailers and direct through our own website.  For those unfamiliar with Renedra, they produce the plastics for Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Warlord Games, Mantic, Conquest Games, Immortal Miniatures and others.  They are the premier plastic manufacturer in the Historical gaming market.  Combining modern technology with old world craftsmanship, they are the best of the best, and we are very happy to represent them here in the North America.  Besides doing the tooling form some of the best miniatures around, Renedra make a fantastic and growing range of accessories.  Tents, fences and bases are just the start, with much more to come.  This now brings Perry Miniatures Plastics, Gripping Beast and Renedra together under one roof for the North American market.  In addition, we carry Immortal, Conquest Games, LBMS, Warlord Games, Woodland Scenics and Battleflag. 
Of course, our own ranges of terrain and figures continue to expand and we have many exciting new products coming in the next few months.  We are trying hard to be the best place to get 28mm Historical Miniatures in the US and with Renedra, we have just taken another step closer to our goal.  We should have all of the product in and up on the website within the next two weeks.

Show Schedule

You can See and Buy Architects of War products at these upcoming shows:

Williamsburg Muster, February 4th -6th, Williamsburg, VA-We are pleased that Architects of War products will be with Steve at Age of Glory

Cold Wars, March 11-13th, Lancaster, PA- Barb and I are very happy to be returning to Cold Wars after a Six year absence!!! We will have all of our stuff on hand of course, with lots of new items as well as an in depth inventory of Perry Plastics, Gripping Beast, Renedra Accessories, LBMS Transfers, Battleflag, Immortal Miniatures plastics, Conquest Games plastic Normans and of course a full stock of Warlord Games Romans, ECW, and Bolt Action products.

Salute, April 16th, London- We actually tried to debut our product at Salute last year but were denied by Volcanic Activity!  We are very pleased to report that our product will be at the stand of our European Distribution partner, Warlord Games. Please stop by and see our product in person. They will have inventory of all of our products including our latest releases and our first figure range, the American Uncivil War.

New Inventory

We have so much new stuff coming in at this time we can hardly keep up! The best way to look for new products geared to your specific period is to use the "Browse By Period" on the Home Page.  Some of the New Releases include...Warlord's Black Powder Crimean War British Line Regiment, Bolt Action Chindits (Box Set and blisters), Renedra plastic bases, Perry War of the Roses Mercenaries, Gripping Beast Plastic Saxons just to name a few!

News as of January 27, 2011
The new Gripping Beast Plastic Saxons have arrived and are available for purchase in the webstore.
News as of December 24, 2010
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our customers, family and friends!
News as of December 8, 2010
Barb and I are very proud to announce that as of now, we are the OFFICIAL Distributor for Perry Plastics in the US!

We are big fans of the range, the FIRST hard plastic models specifically for gamers to hit the market and still the best. Not only are Perry Miniatures great products, but Michael and Alan are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

If your local store doesn't carry them, send them our way!
News as of November 15, 2010
We have just added our Year End Holiday Bundle Deals on both AoW products as well as Warlord.  It is definitely worth taking a look for great buys!  Click Here to view!
News as of November 9, 2010
Check out the description page for the American Uncivil War.  Click Here to view!
News as of November 8, 2010
The first 2 packs of figures for the American Uncivil War are in the webstore ready to be purchased.  The third pack, Blown by the Breeze, will be available in the webstore hopefully by the week of Thanksgiving (November 22nd).
News as of November 1, 2010!
Thanks to all of you who came to our booth at Fall In!  You made the show a success for us!  Hope to see even more faces at Cold Wars!
News as of October 19, 2010!
Just added Architects of War's newest terrain items into the webstore (at the bottom of the linked page)...Woods Sets.  Check them out, they are beautiful!  Watch for the debute of AoW's First Full Range, American Uncivil War...more to come later in the week! 
News as of October 15, 2010!
LBMS shield transfers for the Gripping Beast Plastic Vikings and Warlord's Romans have been put in the webstore for sale!
News as of October 10, 2010!
We will be attending Fall In at the Lancaster Host in Lancaster, PA on October 29th - 31st.  Because of Halloween on Sunday, we will only be in the Dealers' Hall on Friday and Saturday!  We will be debuting in person our First Full Range, American Uncivil War, which includes figures, buildings, scenery and rules!!  See you there!! 
News as of October 6, 2010!
Two new items have been added to the website for sale...the Bombed House and theStone Wall Set.  They are amazingly detailed and swweeet!
News as of October 5, 2010
Just received our LBMS shield transfers (they are gorgeous!) and will announce when I have them in the webstore!
News as of September 27, 2010!
We are taking Pre-orders for Warlord Games Black Powder Prussian Landwehr.  You must use a credit card, not Paypal on Pre-orders.  Your credit card will be authorized and not charged for your purchase until your order is shipped.  We should receive our shipment of Prussians by mid October!
News as of September 9, 2010!
Just sent out our 2nd AoW Newsletter!  Take a look http://conta.cc/d0Zx3m
News as of September 8, 2010!
Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Hirdmen are here and in the webstore for sale! You get 44 finely detailed Viking Hirdmen in this single box with the ability to convert 2 into Viking Lords and another 2 into horn-blowers...also comes with plastic bases and paper banners!
News as of September 3, 2010!
Just posted a new "How To" article...Assembling and Painting a Warlord Hanomag.  Take a look and let us know what you think!
News as of September 2, 2010!

We have just received the following New Releases from Warlord Games…Bolt Action Plastic German Infantry - $33.00…Bolt Action Kubelwagen - $16.00…Bolt Action Waffen SS - $33.00…Bolt Action Waffen SS HMG42 Team - $8.00…Bolt Action Waffen SS Pak 40 - $22.00…Bolt Action Early War French 81mm Mortar Team - $8.00…Bolt Action Early War French Squad (12) - $16.00…Pike & Shotte Highlander Clansmen - $33.00…Pike & Shotte Highlander Hero - $2.70…Pike & Shotte Highlander “Hey McCloud” (shepherd and 4 sheep) - $5.30…Pike & Shotte Mac Colla & Bodyguard - $8.00. We also received the following New Releases from Battle Flag…28mm AWI Patriot Flags - $8.00…28mm ACW NC Flag - $12.00…28mm HYW English Flags - $12.00…28mm TYW Flags - $3.60…28mm ECW Flags - $2.40…28mm SYW Flags - $2.40…15mm HYW English Flags - $8.40…15mm ECW Parliamentarian Flags - $13.60…15mm ACW Confederate Flags - $8.40…40mm ACW Union - $4.00 and Confederate Flags - $17.60.  We have extended our Grand Opening Free Shipping Special thru the month of September on Continental US orders of $50 or more!

News as of August 18th!

NEW Architects of War releases!

Our Hedge Row Sets are here and are ready to ship! With this set, you get 40 inches of sculpted hedge row bases, six trees, and enough bush material to complete them. These are old, overgrown hedges suitable for gaming almost any period. Personally, we have them in games depicting WW2, the English Civil War, and the American Civil War scenarios. They would be very suitable for Napoleonic and the American Revolution games too! The hedge row bases contain beautiful details including a rabbit hole (Ok, Dave, yours can be a Badger den) roots and mud banks. Take a look at the Hedge Row Product Instructions to see how quickly this kit comes together.  This product is a versatile and useful item at $50.00.

Overgrown Walls -The start of our new dry stone walling system is this set of two overgrown wall sections. They are the perfect companion to our forth coming Stone Wall sets and also fit in perfectly with our new Hedge Row Sets.

You get two eight inch sections of old stone wall, 2 trees and product instructions. These stone wall section are beautifully sculpted one stone at a time. No cast kitty litter here! Priced at $25 a set.

FREE “How To” PDFs - We’ve just gotten started with our Hobby Library of “How To” articles and Combat Reports. We have two “How To” Articles,How to Make Forests and How to Make Smoke Markers . In the Gaming section, we have a quickCombat Report covering some WW2 resistance fighting. Don’t forget, you can always find assembly and painting instruction in the Product Instructions section of our website.

New from Battleflag – We just received new standards in various scales for the American Civil War, English Civil War and Hundred Years War.
News as of August 16, 2010!
We published our first AoW Newsletter...Check it out
News as of July 23, 2010!

It’s Live! Today, we launched the website and hope we know what we are doing! We have a lot more products to put into the shopping system. After that, we hope to get onto the hobby material we have always wanted to put up. Please bear with us as we get everything up and running. We have seen and started correcting a few glitches already. This has been a “soft launch’ with little marketing effort just to make sure things are working. The BIG Day or the full launch will be after we have more products loaded and are satisfied that everything is functioning properly. You can order items from the shopping cart now and certainly browse around. Check back often because we are literally adding hundreds of items a day at the moment. As always, please contact us at  CustomerService@ArchitectsofWar.com

or call us at 240-755-0029 between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST if you have any issues or questions.

Thanks for your support!

Ernie and Barb