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Architects Of War For our very own brand of miniatures, we search the world to try to find the very best freelance sculpting talent available. We apply this talent to a wide variety of subjects, from our animal range to the figures that fill in the gaming potential of important periods. Our goal remains as simple as our passion…bring you the very best miniatures that can be made today. If you are a talented sculptor looking for work, contact us at business@architectsofwar.com.
Warlord Games Only a few years old now, Warlord Games hit the street with their plastic Imperial Romans and never looked back. From Celtic Chariots to Tiger tanks and lots of things in between, Warlord Games makes some of the finest 28mm gaming miniatures available. In addition to their plastic historical models, Warlord Games also offers a full array of beautifully crafted resin and metal miniatures. Black Powder, one of their trend setting rulebooks, reflects well the tone and tenor of John Stallard, the owner of Warlord Games and a man who knows a thing or two about pushing Toy Soldiers around to their deaths! We really like them and their stuff and it’s why we chose Warlord Games as our exclusive European Distributor for own products. Now, you can’t endorse someone better than that! If Warlord Games makes it, get it!
Perry Miniatures I simply love miniatures, particularly soldier miniatures. It’s one of my greatest passions. That passion is also the excuse I use for getting so emotional every time the Perry brothers release new figures. Barb thinks I am crazy (She isn’t wrong very often). Michael and Alan Perry have been sculpting figures for nearly as long as I have been gaming (a very long time). No one, including them, knows how many figures they have sculpted, but my guess is it’s almost as many as the rest of the 28mm historical market combined! Like a fine wine, they are also continually improving with age. They are simply the best that anyone does. Always historically and anatomically accurate, their miniatures have a natural “life” in the posing, matched by no one else. The Perry Twins are, in my humble opinion, the best of the best. If you have never owned any of their miniatures, BUY SOME NOW!
Gripping Beast Gripping Beast has been at it quite a few years now and makes some of the finest figures in the industry. Based in the UK, Gripping Beast figures are famous for their unwavering attention to period detail, fantastic anatomy, and varied subject matter. For example, Gripping Beast IS the manufacturer to turn to for Dark Age conflict, the Arthurian period, and Rome vs. Carthage. Their ranges are as thorough as they are diverse. Architects of War is proud to be their exclusive Distributor for North America. Trade Inquiries welcome, just email Business@Architectsofwar.com or call 240-755-0029.
LBMS Little Big Men Studios has been producing fantastic transfers for the past few years. These dry rub-down transfers are very easy to apply and precisely sized to many popular brands of miniatures. Once you have them on your models you will be amazed at the “hand painted’ final appearance. They literally save hours and hours of tedious painting of shields. They are a must purchase for shield intense armies from Ancients to Medieval. We are very happy to offer them to match all the miniatures we carry.