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**SPECIAL ORDER ITEM** Gripping Beast Viking Ragnar Lothbrook

Price: $5.60
Item Number: HVA04
Manufacturer: Gripping Beast

This item is available as a SPECIAL ORDER only, and will be attached to our weekly restock.

You should allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, but we will endeavor to ship it to you at the earliest possible moment.  

Payments made by Paypal will be deducted from your account immediately . Credit Card payments will be charged at the time of shipping if order contains only Special Order Items.  

This item is NOT A TOY and is recommended for hobbyists age 14 and older
This is stunning metal model of Ragnar Lothbrok.
The namesake and subject of Ragnars Saga, and one of the most popular Viking heroes among the Norse themselves, Ragnar was a great Viking commander and the scourge of France and England. A perennial seeker after the Danish throne, he was briefly king of both Denmark and a large part of Sweden. A colorful figure, he claimed to be descended from Odin, was linked to two famous shieldmaidens, Lathgertha in the Gesta Danorum, and Queen Asluag according to the Volsunga Saga.
Hail Ragnar! ( made famous to me anyway, by the Kirk Douglas movie, The Vikings !)

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