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Despicable Deserters

Price: $12.50
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Item Number: AUW008
Manufacturer: Architects of War (AUW)
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An absolutely despicable, wretched and villainous band of cut throat deserters from both armies in this pack of six figures.

Pug- No one knows why Pug bears the deep and nasty scars of a good lashing and anyone with any sense is afraid to ask. He wasnt meant for the army and deserted quickly.  He is a southern boy, and thats about all most know of him. He has an outrageous hatred for all officers. He is an absolute Wildman in a fight. Just dont cross him.

Smiley- Disgustingly dirty and usually with a grin from ear to ear when he is up to his favorite activity- stealing, Smiley has been known to stick a knife in a sleeping man just to take his two bits. His heavy and nearly unintelligible southern drawl combined with nearly constant spitting of tobacco juice dont add much to his character either.  He is awfully proud of his fancy coat that he took off one of those Red panted Yankee devils.

Jonesy- Where Jonesy got his big cleaver is unknown, but he isnt hesitant to use it. Not the best man in a stand up fight, he is excellent at sneaking around backs and sliding through open windows unseen. What he does when he gets into some poor farmer's house is better left unsaid.

Red- With a full head of flaming red hair and a big mustache to match, its easy to see where Red got his name. He skedaddled from the army right after Bull Run and hasnt been caught yet. He says he is trying to make his way back to Texas to give some judge there the business. Whatever that means it's sure to be as unpleasant as Red .

Captain Farthers- Not really a Captain, and probably not even an officer of any kind, Farthers is the leader of a band of deserters living off the land and trying to stay out of the way of any authorities. The coat he no doubt pilfered from some poor dead confederate Gentleman is blended with a Yankee cavalry captains hat to give him a bit of authority, as it were, over the cutthroats around him.  Undoubtedly, it is his unnatural accuracy with his naval revolver that gives him real authority.

Laddie McCraw- When Daniel MCCraw got off the boat in New York, his feet hadnt been in America for more than thirty minutes before some fella signed him up for the Union army. He has been on the run for nearly three months now and is trying to get back to his kin that settled in some place called the Five Points. Hes wicked with his big bowie knife for such a young lad, and the band he runs with may poke fun at him from time to time but, they all respect  his nerve - especially after he lynched old Sheriff Bronson.
This Product is NOT A TOY and is recommended for Hobbyists ages 14 and older.

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