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Damn Dirty Yankees

Price: $12.50
Item Number: AUW001
Manufacturer: Architects of War (AUW)
Damn Dirty Yankees!
From our very own American Uncivil War Range.
This pack contains 6  28mm models compatible with all the other popular brands on the market.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Drunk Billy Bats Fond of the bottle and a dead eye shot with a pistol, Billy Bats survived the war and headed West like so many other young men after it was all over. He was killed in 1873 in Dodge City after being run over by a manure wagon while laying drunk in the street.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Lanky Tom Smits- at just over 6 feet and skinny as a fence rail, Tom Smits is the quickest man in the company. He is often selected for important missions like running dispatches back to command and gathering important forage- like chickens.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Mathew Craw The Old Man of the platoon at age 42, Mathew Craw always seems to have something to eat. The dirty burlap sack that always seems to be found over his shoulder is full of surprises when the rest of the men in the platoon need it most.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Dirty Mac Foley- Dirty is hardly enough to describe this Irishman who seemingly has never had a bath. The one thing about Dirty is he always seems to find the most valuable items on a forage run.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Mrs. Smythe- With her husband away at the front for over 2 years now, Mrs. Smythe has nothing but a hateful rage for any of the damn Yankee scum willing to step onto her property. Her best cast iron skillet can pack a mighty wallop.

ÃÃÃÃÃÃ÷         Private Jenkins-  Young, nervous, and not yet to See the Elephant, Private Jenkins is like so many others newly recruited into the vast army of the Union.

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