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Fearless Federalists

Price: $12.50
Sale Price: $6.25
You Save: 50 %
Item Number: AUW007
Manufacturer: Architects of War (AUW)
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Fearless Federalist

This pack contains some important figures for skirmish gaming in particular, but you could easily deploy them in your bigger units.

Old Mose- Old Mose is a civilian scout, roaming around the countryside and keeping an eye out for any Confederate columns or encampments.

Sergeant Rutlidge- Rutlidge possesses the loudest voice in the Regiment, and can be heard keeping the lads in line even over the din of battle.

Sniper with Henry rifle- Armed with a long scoped Henry rifle, this soldier is deadly news for the officers of the opposite side.

Sergeant Quincannon- At 6 feet 3 inches, this giant of a man is both beloved and feared by the men in his company. To the young recruits , there I no higher authority and to the grizzled veterans, no one they trust more.

Johnathan Rambon- equipped with some of the best technology of the Union, this soldier has A Ketchum grenade and a Henry Rifle. With 16 .44 caliber shots that can be fired at a rate of 28 rounds per minute in skilled hands, this fella and his Ketchum grenade will running about skirmish games like Rambo.

Sergeant  Cooper- Leading the boys from the front and waving the Regimental Standard about, the men will follow Sergeant Cooper straight into the storm of lead from the other side and right to the gates of hell.

This product is reccomended for Hobbyist over the age of 14. Figures supplied unpainted.

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