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Robot Peanut Studio is a confederation of worldwide talent dedicated to the art of engaging entertainment through games of all types and in all forms.  Miniature hobby games, board games, phone app games, online games, and even games tucked away in dark alleys, Robot Peanut Studio is either producing it, working on it, or dreaming about it.  Robot Peanut Studio owns and operates Architects of War, a manufacturer and distributor of historical miniatures games and Alien Dungeon, a company specializing in science fiction and fantasy adventure games in many types and platforms. Robot Peanut Studio does occasionally partner with other companies in the traditional and video gaming industry as well as the TV and Film industry.  IF you have something interesting to talk about you should email…

We are more passionate about this business than we are about just miniatures gaming and that says a lot. We think customer service is the life blood of any business, so if something isn’t right or maybe you just want to say hello, please do so. We can be reached via email using customerservice@architectsofwar.com or call us at 240-755-0029 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 Pm Monday through Friday EST.