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Orders over $50 that contain both In Stock Items and Special Order Items will be split. You will receive FREE shipping on the In Stock portion, and will be charged shipping on the Special Order Items when they are dispatched.


Orders over $50 that contain only Special Order items will ship for free unless any items are back ordered by our distributors, in which case you will be given the option of waiting for all the items to arrive or paying shipping on the back ordered portion of the order.

Our Thanksgiving Sale is now up and running!
New to the sale today.....
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We have lots of fantastic offers already in place with more to follow over the next week.

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We will be adding new items to the sale daily so be sure to check back!

On top of the great offers we will be giving you some FREE stuff based on the size of your order.....

On top of all the fantastic sale prices you will see, we will also be doing the following;

Orders of $100 or more will receive a FREE randomly selected set of metal AOW Chickens & Fox or Pigs.

Orders of $150 or more will receive a FREE randomly selected AOW Terrain Piece Blister worth up to $12.50.

Orders of $200 or more will receive both of the above items, so a set of Chickens or Pigs and an AOW Terrain Piece Blister.

Orders of $250 or more will receive a FREE Fanticide Rulebook and Card Deck worth $35.

Orders of $400 or more will receive a FREE All Quiet on the Martian Front Rulebook worth $40.

Orders over $500 will receive a FREE All Quiet on the Martian Front Rulebook and a FREE randomly selected AQMF Blister worth up to $12.




To thank our customers, we are introducing a LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP CARD that entitles the subscriber to 10% off all products offered on our website (excluding sale items) in addition to many other perks!  Purchase your Loyalty Card HERE!

All Quiet on the Martian Front New Releases
10-31-2014 Now available to Preorder and Shipping on December 15th
The US Land Ironclad
The first 200 orders placed on our website for the Land Ironclad will receive a FREE set of 5 crew including an exclusive officer, and a Special Land Ironclad Transfer Sheet!
Buy your Ironclad Here!
Also available to Preorder and shipping the week of November 11th.
The BEF Defiant and Spector Armored Cars.
Buy them Here!

10-24-2014 Never before Available & Shipping October 30th
Scorpion & Shock Drones 
Buy them HERE!
Rules available by download on Monday October 27th
Buy them HERE!

11-3-2014 Now available to Special Order
3 New Perry Metal French Napoleonic Retreat from Moscow Codes.
Buy them HERE!
8 New Napoleonic Metal Russian Codes
Buy them HERE!

10-24-2014 SAGA Crescent & Cross New Releases
Available for Preorder and Shipping before Thanksgiving
The Mutatawwi'a
Buy them HERE!
The Milities Christi
Buy them HERE!

10-21-2014 4Ground Terrain Dead Mans Hand
The Sassy Gal Saloon now available to Special Order
Buy it HERE!

The Red Martian Eye Points

On most of the All Quiet on the Martian Front packaging you will find a small box containing a Red Martian Eye with a number inside it.

Its looks like this....

When you find these be sure to cut them out and put them in a very safe place. You will be able to redeem these by mailing them in for some very cool stuff a bit later down the road.

American Uncivil War 
We have had lots of requests for a PDF Quick Reference Sheet for AUW, so here you go!

         Upcoming Products
The entire Victrix Miniatures Range and the entire LBMS Transfers range will be available to special order over the coming days!

If you own a retail store and would like to stock any of the Ranges we offer please contact ed@architectsofwar.com
  Be sure to check out our official Architects of War and Alien Dungeon Forums HERE

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AQMF Starter Game
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AQMF Starter Game
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AQMF Hardcover Rulebook
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AQMF Hardcover Rulebook
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Traps (6)
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Traps (6)
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AQMF Gubbins
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AQMF Gubbins
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Scorpion Drones (3)
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Shock Drones (3)