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Will The Earth Be For Man Or Cold, Unfeeling Monsters?

All Quiet on the Martian Front
, the first installment of the Great Interplanetary War, launches in June.  We are taking PRE-ORDERS now!  With every pre-order, you will receive a FREE sheet of transfers that will never be offered for sale as well as FREE Shipping for orders over $50 in the United States!


The initial wave of releases consists of: 

The Starter Game, Plastic Assault Tripods, Plastic Scout Tripods, Plastic Steam Tanks, the 176 page Hardback Rulebook, Templates, Blips and Dice.  Shipping will begin once the Kickstarter pledges have been sent. 

Two weeks later, the next wave of releases will be available.  Order today before the first batch of products is sold out!

Anyone in the UK and Europe can contact Northstar Military Figures, our distributor. 

It’s been a long journey, made possible by our Kickstarter supporters and we couldn’t be more excited.  OVER THE TOP LADS!


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Orders over $50 that contain both In Stock Items and Special Order Items will be split. You will receive FREE shipping on the In Stock portion, and will be charged shipping on the Special Order Items when they are dispatched.
Orders over $50 that contain only Special Order items will ship for free unless any items are back ordered by our distributors, in which case you will be given the option of waiting for all the items to arrive or paying shipping on the back ordered portion of the order.

April 12th 2014 - Now available for purchase and shipping, these 4 awesome plastic kits. 
Perry Miniatures Continental Infantry HERE
Gripping Beasts Plastic Arab Spearmen & Archers HERE
Fireforge's Mongol Cavalry HERE
Renedras Mud Brick House HERE
Renedras Mud Brick House Accessory Sprue HERE

April 4th 2014 - Now Available to Preorder The Perry Miniatures British Intervention Force 10 Codes. 
Buy them HERE

April 1st 2014 - Now available to Preorder 4 New Perry Miniatures Napoleonic Russian Codes. Opolchenie and Peasants.
Buy them HERE

March 31st 2014 - Now available for Preorder Perry Miniatures WWII German Zug Command and Kettenkrad.
Buy them HERE

March 26th 2014 - Now available to Special Order 3 New 4Ground Laser Cut Dead Mans Hand Sets.
Rogan's Bar, Miller's Livery, and Corral Fences.
Buy them HERE
March 25th 2014 - Now available to Purchase New Blitzkreig Resin 1/56th Scale British Tanks.
The Staghound Mk2 and the Churchill MK3.
Buy them HERE

American Uncivil War 
We have had lots of requests for a PDF Quick Reference Sheet for AUW, so here you go!

March 20th 2014 - We are pleased to announce that we will be running a painting competition again at Historicon. Please click the link below to get the details!

March 17th 2014 - Now available to Purchase 8 Brand New Architects of War Resin Siege Fortification Products. These are fantastic add ons to the existing Siege Fortification Range, and are available to order as individual pieces, or a complete set. 
Buy them HERE
Also now available to purchase
The Brand New Burial Chamber, Burial Mound, Occupied Burial Mound, and Middle East Stone Barracks
Buy them HERE
March 16th 2014 - Now available to Special Order 6 New Perry Miniatures Mecklenburg-Schwerin Confederation of the Rhine Codes.
Buy them HERE!

Also New and now available to Special Order 4Ground Laser Cut 28mm Norse Buildings.
Buy them HERE!
4 New Shogonate Japan Kits
Buy them HERE!

Click HERE to try it out
This great tool allows you to create your entire Warband from scratch and print it out ready to play. You can create entries for everything from Peeves to Behemoths, and have all the points costs calculated for you without having to use a calculator.
Only in the land of NoWhere could such a feat of technical prowess be mastered!

Alien Dungeon Proudly Introduces

The ground shakes with thunderous footfalls. Titanic roars echo through the land. The Great Awakening is upon us all. The Behemoths have arisen and Nowhere will never be the same again!

Behemoths, a Free PDF supplement for Fanticide, the game of homicidal warbands, is now available from Alien Dungeon! Containing all the rules you need to add Behemoths - monstrous new additions to your warbands - to your games of Fanticide, this download has everything you need to create your own creatures and battle away across Nowhere. You can also have these monsters serve as gargantuan opponents on their own in Behemoth vs. Behemoth slugfests!

You can, as always with Fanticide, use any model you want or you can make up a Behemoth using anything from Tanks to Giant Spiders.

We also have an exciting Behemoth Battle Report for you to check out so you can see these beasts in action!

Behemoths is a Free Supplement for Fanticide and you will need a copy of the original rules to play; buy one HERE

Behemoth Rules Download: Click HERE

Behemoth Battle report: Click HERE

News Headlines Friday Oct 9th 1908
In the news today;
Cubs beat Giants and take Pennant, face Tigers in World Series.
Grand Vizier of Turkey mobilizes army against Austria.
Peary making good progress towards North Pole.
Committee plans centenary Celebration of Lincolns Birth for Feb 12th 1909.
French, German, Russian Ambassadors meet to discuss the "England" problem.
Scientists say meteors to small to threaten Earth at large.
More meteors fall in Australian Outback.
For archived news Headlines Go HERE

Napoleonic Starter Deal
This product allows gets you everything you need to start off a Napoleonic Army. Primer, Paints, Brushes, Glue and your choice of Austrian, British, French, Prussian or Russian Troops for your army. You get to pick a Command Pack, a Infantry Regiment, a Cavalry Regiment, and a Artillery Piece.
You save 10% on every item!
Click HERE

         Upcoming Products
Musketeer Miniatures Great Northern War Range,Artizan French Foreign Legion Range

If you own a retail store and would like to stock any of the Ranges we offer please contact ed@architectsofwar.com
  Be sure to check out our official Architects of War and Alien Dungeon Forums HERE

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AOW Terrain Blisters 6 Pack Deal
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AOW Terrain Blisters 6 Pack Deal
Hobby Kit Special-Save 10% and Get a FREE Brush Set
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Hobby Kit Special-Save 10% and Get a FREE Brush Set
Mud Brick House
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Mud Brick House
Napoleonic Build Your Own Starter Army Deal Save 10%
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Napoleonic Build Your Own Starter Army Deal Save 10%
Mongol Cavalry
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Mongol Cavalry